Over ten years ago I found some old family photos in my parents home, in boxes inside a cupboard, so I scanned them for myself and future generations.  After scanning, I realized that they needed to also be repaired, as many had scratches, rips and stains and most had also faded. So after investigation and then more than ten years study and enjoyment learning how to digitally repair these photos with software, I have now repaired most of these photos and also repaired other family, friends and clients old photos.

Most of these old photos started their life as black and white prints and over time and other environmental issues such as humidity, light and pollutants in the air, the inks have faded and yellowed and important true detail is lost.

These old photos will continue to fade and be soon lost to future family generations unless they are reproduced digitally to keep forever (scanning the image with a specialized professional image scanner) and then made as new again as possible by restoring them with non destructive software.  Your family photos can now be preserved forever.


You may find, as I did, long, forgotten photographs that have been put away into storage and then forgotten about. Some may be damaged, have mould, or they may be ripped, scratched, stained, torn with missing pieces or colour. Henry George finishedjpgThey are important memories of your ancestors and as very few photos exist of that time, unlike today with the thousands of digital photos taken at every event and family gathering, you will want to preserve and improve these images to view in the future and for future generations.

I will scan your original old photos with a professional image scanner and then return them to you in the same condition they were received. They will not be subjected to any more damage by this scanning process. If you do not want to restore your photos and just want them professionally scanned I can do these for very affordable rates. Contact me for a quote.

The original character and texture of your new digital image will also be preserved, as I know you will not want a photo shopped, airbrushed look to this old photo. I can remove most of the damages from the environment and time at the same time maintaining that old look.


After I have completed the restoration work on this digital scan to your satisfaction, you will receive the high resolution digital copy of the original and the new and improved repaired digital image on a disk to print, pass to other family members or just digitally store forever.

Any photos I repair can be left in the same colour tones (usually a sepia colour) or can also be converted to a black and white digital image or you may want both. I can also re-colourize a black and white print.

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