Q & A

Q. You say that you can restore my old photographs, but what sort of damage level are we really talking about? Some of my photos are in very bad condition. How do I know you can repair them?

A. I always need to see the originals (or a scan of the original) to give you an accurate quote and explain what can be achieved. Please browse through some of my past work and examples to see what I can repair.

Q. What is the cost of the restoration?

A. As the time required for photo restoration varies considerably from image to image, I will advise you on what I can do and the cost of the work. Prices range from $15 for basic jobs to $180 plus for images requiring major restoration and reconstruction, with discounts available for bulk orders. I can also work within your budget by doing as much as possible within a specified time frame. I also quote cheap rates for professional scanning of your photos with prices starting at $5 for 20 photos or $20 for 100 photos including saving to a disc or to dropbox.

Q. I am very nervous about how the restoration process will affect my original photograph?

A. NO changes will ever be made to your original. I will create a high resolution digital copy of your original. All future adjustments to your image is then done on this digital copy. Your original photo will be returned to you in the same condition that I received it.

Q. How long will the restoration take?Bulk-Print-Scanning-Shoebox-Scans

A. Within reason but I can work to your deadline if it is required earlier, my preferred turnaround is 4 – 14 days depending on the complexity of the work required.

Q. Will this process then preserve the image for all future generations?

A.  After I have scanned the original image you can then reproduce it at any time from this digital copy thus keeping your original safe from further damage. You will also be preserving this digital copy at the current stage of degeneration as your print will continue to fade. You will be able to print out and preserve this improved copy and share this with others and relatives. I will provide all these images on a disc by the internet and Dropbox for you to copy and print any time.

Q. Can you repair the original photo.

A. No, as this would require a profession conservator and this is very expensive. Doing the repair digitally is more economical and you will still have the original copy of your photo.

Q. What can’t you do?

Parts of arms, legs and bodies, clothing and backgrounds can be replaced but no amount of painting and restoring can bring back the original likeness if most of the face is damaged.

If you have a second photo of the subject taken around the same time, I may be able to use this and replace parts back in. I will give you a free quote and what I think can be achieved after viewing the original. Some of the work I have done has amazed other customers so please contact me for a free appraisal.

Q. Is it better to come in and see you?

A.  I would love to meet you personally, but with the internet and easy file transfers these days, it is not necessary as I can still do the restoration work for you with the same amazing results. If you are able to see me I can give you an instant quote and I can scan the image on my professional image scanner, but if this is not possible your photo can still be repaired giving you the same great results. 

There still two options which will still produce a great restoration.

1.  You can have the images scanned in the highest resolution possible and in Tiff format and then sent via Dropbox (see instructions here).

2.  You can also post the photo to me via registered post and I will return it back to you as soon as I have scanned via registered post.

Please contact me if you need more information.